About Us.

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We are proud to be part of the Vet To Vet program.

We are proud to be part of an alliance with family members, professionals and other mental health consumers.

We work together out of sense of shared respect and dignity.

We work to improve and increase mental health services through community education and service. We work together not against each other. We try to find solutions through education. Our motto is Gladly Teach, Gladly Learn.

We believe that people with a psychiatric condition, our families, friends and advocates have the right to services and information which assist in making informed choices.

We believe that people with a psychiatric condition have the right to learn, live and to work in the community.

We believe that services to people with a psychiatric condition should be driven by participants in the program. We should focus on the functional needs of the veteran with mental illness with possible family involvement as the services are provided.

Recovery, Education and Community Service can be core job opportunities for future consumer employment in mental health services.

Contact Moe Armstrong at 203-623-0731 or moea1@verizon.net.


We have a place to live.

For a long time we had no place to live or we kept losing our place to live.

Now, we have a place to live. We can learn to live without fear of disruption to our lives.

We have the chance to learn that we don't need to disrupt the lives of others. We can learn to live with other people and other people can learn to live with us. We are starting out new. We have housing as part of mental health care.

We have the chance for a new start.

Sometimes, we kept falling down, disappointing ourselves and others.

Many of us have both a history of psychiatric conditions and some level of substance abuse.

Mental illness is real. Getting rid of substance abuse is difficult. We can begin from this day to stop using booze and dope. Start living to our fuller potential.

We can learn to take better care of ourselves.

For many years, we would and could say, "O, we aren't like those people. We are able to hold it together. Look how sloppy those other people are. We aren't like them."

Then, one day after years of neglecting our own care, of being outcasts, of taking advantage of something (drugs, booze, food, gambling/risk taking and/or being in abusive relationships) or taking advantage of other people-the years took a toll. Also, the years of mental illness took a toll. Then, we got a place to live. We can remember.

We have a place to live.

We have a chance for a new life.

We can learn to take better care of ourselves.

We can become more stable, sane, safe and sober.

We don't have to be destroyed by mental illness and substance abuse.

We can have the opportunity to participate in our care and treatment.

We have the opportunity for a new start in life with our housing.

Our time in the mental health system is new start in life is not a punishment. Our housing is an opportunity.